Pro Series Trucking Software

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 Optional Support Benefits and Pricing

 What are the benefits?

 Saves you valuable time with questions
 Meet deadlines without struggling
 Competent help with 35 years of software experience
 Unlimited calls (with unlimited plan)
 Very reasonable annual cost
 Quick response time
 Ability to come on-line to solve problems quickly

 What does it include?

 Everything to do with Pro Series
 Your computer
 Your network
 Your printer
 Trucking regulations
 Accounting issues

 What does it cost?

 All programs including AcctWin and DisWin

 Full unlimited for all programs
 $315 per quarter ($1,260 annually)

 Up to just five single programs excluding AcctWin and DisWin

 FuelWin, LogWin, MainWin, SafeWin, TireWin
 $210 per quarter ($840 annually)

 Now What?

 Call us at 888.808.8899 to get started




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